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shit one [Dec. 20th, 2005|10:31 pm]
waynib@msn.com says:
nuthin is worth makin u feel like u cnt live widowt sumet
waynib@msn.com says:
dnt let anything or any1 take tht away from ya
waynib@msn.com says:
its like a bad drug
waynib@msn.com says:
u carry on taking it cuz ur addicted
waynib@msn.com says:
even if really its worse thn cumin off it
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London In Pictures, What Msn Space Cant Do.... [Aug. 23rd, 2005|01:20 pm]
[mood |accomplished]

We had a chocolate fight and i baptised gracey asian

We Both Got Rather Messy... No Sexual Inuendos Please!

We Got To Annys, Too Many Trains Means Freya Needs A Break... Hey Shes Blonde!

Annys So Posh...She Even Has One Of Those Grape Eating Chairs!

On The Train, Anny & Tom Renacted Mary & Jacks Flirting.... I Think You Had To Be There!

I Went For A Walk & Made A Friend, Say Hi To My Pet Bouncer :)


We Passed A Stadium, I Think Its Somthing To Do With The Olympics? Watch This Space!

Jack Bolony Does "Just Loose It"

Tom Sniffed That Sign For 10minutes Hehe So Gullabul

Freya Insisted Of A Pic With This Logo, We Got Caught By The Owner Who Asked Lots Of Cokny Questions...Tourists :D

Tom <3 Parking Meters

After Searching For The Gate To The Park For Ages...The sign says Private, Anny Cryed....

Apple Shop <3

Tom Discovers Internet...you dont get it up north you see

Anny Got Showerd How To Play Finding Nemo, By A True Master...No She Is NOT A Pedophile

Freya Gets Ataked By the Blury Monster

This Guy Was Doing a SODUKO! He Must Be In Nagty Or Somthing

Tom Has It..Do You?

Theres Abit Of Chaventry Everywhere!

We Found A Sami Lookalike (with sideburns) Doing Some PDA Inspecting

Gracey Putting The Eye In Prospective

99 Carrot Gold, Moving Statue, Comes With Hat & Women... Going Once?

Whats Jack Doing In London?

Doing Our Bit For Tourism

Darius's Funky Chav Shoes, They Have His Name Engraved, Doggy D Style Innit Man!

Mcdonalds Milk Tash, Or Was It Darius....

We Made Modern Art

Suuuuuuper Anny!..

And Her Mastermind Side Kick Doggy D!


Bullet Doge Matrix Style!...With The Help Of A Bowling Ramp

What Makes Us Gifted & Talented...? We Can Use Two Balls At Once!...And Miss With Both...

We Didnt Cheat....

Baddass Skillz!

No Missy...It Is NOT A Slide...

Suburban Gangster Feeling At Home In Starbucks Hehe

The Remains...  <3<3<3<3<3<3 Frapachino



Fill In The Missing Word.        JONO's! .......

We Spotted A Gay Couple, One Was Hot But He Ran Away Befor Geting Caught On Camera, But We Got The Usher Lookalikey

I Finaly Found A Telephone Box To Match My Sexualtiy...An It Was Wet To Match My.....Hehe

The New Green Cross Code, Stop, Drop & Meditate

I Was So Releaved To See This Sign I Had To Take A Picture Of It.

They "Smell Like The Wolf"

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:'( My Heart Bleeds With Your Memorys [May. 23rd, 2005|05:18 pm]
[mood |depresseddepressed]
[music |Tears]

You were everything, evrything i wanted, we were ment to b! spose to be... BUT we lost it....all of the memorys so close to me just fade away, all this time u were pretending, so much for my happy ending! :'(

last nyt he sed sum stuff thats soo true,
it hurt lots, but its true, nd if i cud have one wish itd
b to go bak to how it was , but he dusnt thinks it wil,
nd if he thinks lyk that, well it never will, nd atm im
hurtin soooo mcuh, havnt stopd fukin crying, but im guna
have to let him go sumtyms, i guess nows a gd time, im
not erdy for it to end, but i think he is, were growin
apart, nd i dnt lyk that, i dnt want hi mruinin
his life for me, nd i want him to b happy, i dnt wanna b
one of his exs that hurts him or wateva, one that hel
tlk to his next partner bout sayin well its his fault
blablabla, i wanna b a caring oen that dus the right
thing, iv took responsabilty for ruinin it so i myt as
wel end it, last nyt i guess we sorted stuf out, he sed
its gota b lyk this until exams over then wel fix it but he sed he
ent guna lie, it wnt b lyk it was, so why wait? why not
let him get on with it, im never guna get it bk, so i
myt as well let it go, he told me hed never stop loveing
me nd thast wat i wanted to her, but still i spent all
night crying, we got closest to sortin it out than we
have for a wyl, but i was still upset, hes right
the memorys allways gune b there nd itl stop us getn close agayn, wel never
have wat we had nd thast wat i want, iv learnt my
mistake i guers i gota move on, im guan miss him so much
nd all the kinda stuf we did, but the going out nd
partyin nd stuff ,i loved that liftsyle, well im only 14 iv got plenty of time
for that, i shud let him live it for awhile without
worin bout me, its not right to make him think bout this
stuf wen hes got as exams, that are soooo imporant, i wanna make things
easy nd clear for him, nd without me thast jsut one less
problem i guess, im guna need alot of cheering up mynd,
so thats kinda ur job :P nd the rest of my frends, im
guna leave it for a few days, if things dnt get bete, i
no wat the right things is, painful, but right, for once
im guna du the right nd mature things, last nyt i think
i reely acted my age,wich yoo all kno i h8, so at least iv got laodsa memorys, the
only thing bohtering me is wat if i never get that clsoe
to sum1 agayn, wat if i neva find that bond with any1
agayn, well then il b fucked, nd il cumin runin bk to
him nd he wnt b there, so i sooo wanna stay frends, the
bad point bout that, wen he moves on has a gd tyms, etc.
i wnt b nd il get jelouse, im very selfish nd jelouse
alot of the time, so its guna b a killer, but i want the best for
him, cus he deserves the best, nd im not that, so i gota
let him find it for himself, wish i cud b more but i
cnt, so i gota say byebyes, i was so upset befor him but he changed that
im afraid, realy afraid thats how il be agayn, thats the last thing
i want, but i gota stop woryin bout me, nd wory bout him
this is for him <3 nd no1 else, time i put him first
hes always loved me, he misd his frend sbday nd loadsa
stuff for me but i was to blind to see, wish i had
but i cant change that now, now is time for me to make it up
by duing the right thing, whoever gets him nd dusnt mess up
is the lukyest person on this planet, i wanna do the best for him
nd i gues this is it, but i still wana b there, i wana
do the best for the rest of his life, i wanna b close to him
i dnt see it workin, but it gotsta, i think im a beter frend
than lover, i reely suck at it, but enfu feelin sorry for myself
enuf h8n myself nd do sumet bout it, its nice to no we had it all
but nufing last forever :( thats the harsh truth, i feel lyk
shrivling up nd hiding from evernthn, dieing, but wat
gd wud that do aye?! but if i go ahead nd end it then
all il think forever is wat ifs?!? nd thats not guna do me
any good, i want things to b clear but its so hard, its so hard
to let go, its never bin this hard, i thought all the gd tyms
wud overshadow the bad ONE, nd things wud go bk, but at this
present tym that aint apening, all there is arguments
nd they tear my heart up more than enyfing

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(no subject) [Mar. 28th, 2005|02:17 pm]


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